Legacy 64 is the industry leader in business consulting. We know you have great ideas - we're here to help you along the path to bring them to fruition!  Legacy 64 can make your great ideas become reality. With over a decade of experience in helping people bring their dreams to life, we will help you every step of the way ensuring all regulations are met and that your facility and business operate smoothly. Whether you need consulting on how to get your business started or how to increase sales, revenue, and profit, Legacy 64 has a proven track record of success using evidenced-based practices to ensure every client achieves their goals.


Application and Licensing Consulting and Writing

Legacy 64 has written numerous applications for all approved states. Our team of experienced field experts can consult with you on the application process and required information or they can do all of the regulatory and market research required and write any application for you to help give you the best opportunity to achieve licensing.

Business Consultation

Legacy 64's team of industry experts are ready to consult with you on any of your business needs from licensing and startup to business expansion and everything in between.  Our consultants can help you develop SOPs or staff training or help you design a new facility. Whatever your needs are, Legacy 64 has the answers.


Compliance Consultations and Training

Legacy 64's field experts will come to your facility and provide a thorough, in-depth compliance training specifically related to your facility for all of your employees.  Legacy 64 will ensure that all of your staff is trained in the culture of compliance, knowledge of how to actually be compliant, and understands the need for compliance in all facilities.

Health, Safety, and Security Consultations

Health, Safety, and Security is one of the most overlooked aspects of the marijuana industry.  Many businesses feel that since they have never been robbed or that since they don't serve food that they don't need to take this seriously–that could not be further from the truth. Health, Safety, and Security goes far beyond a potential robbery; make sure you are prepared so you avoid any pitfalls. Legacy 64's team of field experts will come walk your facility with you, going over, in detail, every Health, Safety, and Security concern that your facility and operation pose and then work with you to design, develop, and implement a plan and strategy to mitigate and eliminate all of those concerns. Let us help ensure that you have a Healthy, Safe, and Secure facility and operation!



SOP and Company Policy Consultation, Writing, and Review

Standard Operating Procedures are one of the most important things for a compliant business, but they are also one of the things that get overlooked. Legacy 64's staff of industry experts have years of experience in operations and operational procedures and have spent thousands of hours designing and developing SOPs for businesses and facilities of all types. Take full advantage of our experience! We offer the full spectrum of SOP review and creation - from reviewing existing procedures, to designing, writing, and implementing new ones, we're the go-to source for operational procedures.

All SOP services are PER LICENSE.

Packaging, Labeling, and Marketing Layer Consultation, Review and Audits

Packaging and Labeling are one of the most important aspects of any business. Not only does packaging and labeling give you the opportunity to showcase your logo and branding but it is also one of the most regulated parts of the industry—having an improper label could be devastating to any business. Legacy 64  Packaging and Labeling Consultation and Audits are specifically designed to ensure that your packaging and labeling meets all of the different regulatory requirements, wheter you are internally transferring product, wholesaling to another license, or selling to customers and patients. Per current regulations, all of these need different packaging and labels. Our services are designed to ensure that any package that leaves your facility has all of the required branding and labeling for each specific product and destination.


METRC Consultation

METRC is one of the most important aspects of the marijuana industry and because METRC does not provide any safeguards to prevent non-compliance, it is very easy for our METRC to get out of control very quickly. It is vital that every business knows and understand how to use METRC, what METRC is intended for, and most importantly not to be afraid of METRC. Legacy 64's team of Franwell trained METRC experts will come to your facility, go through your METRC with you, discuss all METRC issues, and design, develop, and implement a plan and strategy to address any and all METRC issues and concerns.

Inventory Consultation

Inventory is the driving force of any retail business. If you do not have inventory, then you do not have a business, and yet, inventory is also one of the easiest things to lose control of. Inventory often gets lost, misplaced, can't be accounted for or simply expires. Legacy 64 has spent years working with many businesses developing evidenced-based practices to properly track, manage, and count inventory in a quick, easy, and painless process that will ensure your inventory accuracy.


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