Custom Service Packages

Compliance and Risk Management is a never-ending chess match. Don't let yourself be taken out of the game! Whether you are looking for a basic audit or a comprehensive compliance and risk management portfolio, Legacy 64 can customize a package to fit your needs and budget. Our thorough catalog of services allows us to successfully meet every business-related need you may have. Most packages include some of the services listed below; contact us today for a review of your needs and a custom quote!

  • Sales, Compliance, Risk Management and Inventory Management training and consulting
  • Comprehensive and Risk Management Training based on facility type (Cultivation, MIP, Store)
  • SOP Consultation, Design, Development, Training, and Implementation
  • Compliance Audits for all facilities, Safety and Security, METRC and Inventory, and Books, and Records, as well as an enhanced Safety and Security review of all facilities, operations and operational processes and procedures.
  • Website design and development

Comprehensive Sales Training

With the many rules and regulations that are placed on the sale of marijuana, it can be hard to effectively sell the correct products to your customers—limiting your sales and overall business revenue. Legacy 64's award-winning sales and marketing team have developed a specialized training program specifically designed with sales techniques and industry verbiage that will help all of your budtenders and managers maximize every sales opportunity, generating more revenue for the company.

Rates vary, please contact us for a custom quote.


Application and Licensing Consulting and Writing

Legacy 64 has written numerous applications for all approved states. Our team of experienced field experts can consult with you on the application process and required information or they can do all of the regulatory and market research required and write any application for you to help give you the best opportunity to achieve licensing.

Consulting starting at $1000
License Writing starting at $5000

Business Consultation

Legacy 64's team of industry experts are ready to consult with you on any of your business needs from licensing and startup to business expansion and everything in between.  Our consultants can help you develop SOP's or staff training or help you design a new facility. Whatever your needs are, Legacy 64 has the answers.

Starting at $500 


Compliance Consultations and Training

Legacy 64's, field experts will come to your facility and provide a thorough, in-depth compliance training specifically related to your facility for all of your employees.  Legacy 64 will ensure that all of your staff is trained in the culture of compliance, knowledge of how to actually be compliant, and understands the need for compliance in all facilities.

Private Company Training: starting from $1000
Individual Training: (Please Contact Us)

Compliance, Health, Safety and Security Audits

Legacy 64's Compliance Audits are designed to cover every aspect of MED rules and regulations, local jurisdiction requirements, as well as other regulators such as OSHA, EEOC, etc., and cover every aspect and every operation of each facility. Our audits include METRC and Inventory as well as books and records.

One-time Facility Audit: $750/facility
Monthly Audits: starting at $250/month (limits apply, please contact us for details)


SOP and Company Policy Consultation, Writing, and Review

Standard Operating Procedures are one of the most important things for a compliant business, but they are also one of the things that get overlooked. Legacy 64's staff of industry experts have years of experience in operations and operational procedures and have spent thousands of hours designing and developing SOPs for businesses and facilities of all types. Take full advantage of our experience! We offer the full spectrum of SOP review and creation - from reviewing existing procedures, to designing, writing, and implementing new ones, we're the go-to source for operational procedures.

SOP Consultation: $500
SOP Review: $500
SOP Consultation AND Review: $750
SOP Writing: starting at $1500

All SOP service pricing is PER LICENSE.

Package, Labeling, and Marketing Layer Consultation, Review and Audits

Packaging and Labeling are one of the most important aspects of any business. Not only does packaging and labeling give you the opportunity to showcase your logo and branding but it is also one of the most regulated parts of the industry—having an improper label could be devastating to any business. Legacy 64  Packaging and Labeling Consultation and Audits are specifically designed to ensure that your packaging and labeling meets all of the different regulatory requirements, wheter you are internally transferring product, wholesaling to another license, or selling to customers and patients. Per current regulations, all of these need different packaging and labels. Our services are designed to ensure that any package that leaves your facility has all of the required branding and labeling for each specific product and destination.

Packaging, Labelling and Marketing Layer Consultation, and Review: $250
Packaging, Labelling, and Marketing Layer Audit: $250
Packaging, Labelling, Marketing Layer Consultation, Review AND Audit: $400


METRC Clean up

Legacy 64's, field experts have years of experience with METRC, from its initial rollout to its most recent update. We will happily consult with you during any METRC and license clean up, or we can come to your facilities and physically do a METRC and license clean up for you.

METRC Clean up: $1000 (per license)

Inventory Management and Reconciliation

Inventory and Inventory Management is one of the most important aspects of any business, but it is also one of the toughest. Don't let inventory and inventory management overwhelm you. Instead, let Legacy 64 and their team of inventory experts come in and count and reconcile your inventory with your POS and METRC to make sure you know exactly which products are selling, when they are selling, and ensure proper knowledge of all total on-hand product.

Inventory Training: $500 / facility
Inventory Audits: $750/facility  Inventory Management: (Please contact us for details)


Transport and Logistics

Legacy 64 has extensive experience in transportation and logistics, from transporting samples to test batches to large wholesale orders, and everything in between. We know and understand all of the regulations related to transporting different products and will assist you in setting up proper transportation and distribution of your products.

Rates vary, please contact us for a custom quote.

Company Training Website With Employee Portal

Corporate training is vital to any business. If your employees have not been properly trained and do not properly understand their job duties and expectations, then a business will never achieve the success they are looking for. Make sure your staff is ready to do their job! Legacy 64 will design, develop and a specific Learning Management System for your business. We ensure that all of your staff training is relevant to your business and to each specific job description, as well as ensuring that all regulations and laws are covered. Furthermore, our all of our designed training and employee portals meet all local, state and federal mandates.

Starting at $10,000. Contact us for a custom quote.


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