Responsible Vendor Training

Legacy 64's state-approved Responsible Vendor Training. This basic training meets all requirements for Medical stores and Recreational stores to be certified as a Responsible Vendor.

Responsible Vendor + Delivery & Hospitality

Responsible Vendor + Delivery & Hospitality offers the full training program, meeting the requirements for Medical stores, Retail stores, Delivery businesses, and Hospitality businesses.

Comprehensive Compliance

The most comprehensive compliance training on the market. Covering the entirety of the Colorado regulations, this training ensures you know EXACTLY what your business needs to do to stay compliant.


World class training, from the experts.

Legacy 64's comprehensive training programs cover everything you need to be successful, compliant, and safe in the cannabis industry. Our state-sanctioned Responsible Vendor Training meets all requirements for Delivery and Hospitality licenses, and our Comprehensive Compliance program ensures your staff knows CO law inside and out.

100% online or in-person. We've got you covered.

Legacy 64 offers online training and in-person classes. Individual online enrollment is as easy as click-pay-start, and we can accommodate groups of any size for either delivery method.

Have questions on getting your facilities set up? Need help getting started? Let us know, we're here to help.


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